Skin & Body Care


Learn everything you need to know about good body care including how to treat your body, what products to use, what food to eat and what to avoid

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There’s something very nurturing about taking good care of your body. Don’t you feel great after an evening of pure indulgence in cleansing and beautifying? You’ll also be a better company and sleep more soundly.

There’s a lot to know about good body care – how to treat it, what to use, what to eat and what to avoid. You’ll find excellent tips on the best route to a body you love and the answers to your questions, including:

Should I ever expose my skin to the sun?
Can I help oily skin with my diet?
What special care should I take of my skin type?
How often should I exfoliate my face?
What’s the best method for hair removal?
What should I eat to improve my hair and nails?

We’ll also show you how to do a great mani-pedi, how to make your own natural products and much more. Unwrap this course now and give yourself the love you deserve.


Get informed on:

  • Skin’s layers and functions
  • How to deal with different qualities and imbalances
  • What skin loves and hates – inside and outside
  • Regimes that get your glow back
  • Specific food, nutrients & supplements for youthful, supple skin
  • How to help slow down skin ageing