CPR & First Aid


Save lives with your first-aid and CPR knowledge. Learn the skills to act quickly and confidently in an emergency when every second counts

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Learn how to save a life in our online training course

You never know when you’ll find yourself in an accident or emergency health situation. When your action or inaction can mean the difference between life or death, it’s important to always be prepared. Even knowing the very basics of First Aid and CPR can help save a life, and it isn’t complicated or hard to learn. Whether you require a CPR and First Aid certification for work, or just want to be prepared to help those in need, our online course will equip you with the tools and training you need to feel confident and ready to act.

In this course, we will be teaching you practical tips and techniques used by the experts, however, this course will not provide you with a formal qualification to practice professionally –it’s a great starting off point. You will come away with all the tools and training you need to be prepared for most emergency situations.


In this online CPR and First Aid training, we’ll cover:

  • The history of CPR and First Aid and its evolution to modern techniques and practices
  • The basics of First Aid, including wound treatment, creating a splint, treating shot, and administering injections
  • The science behind CPR, so you understand how it works
  • How to prepare for CPR, which includes learning to assess a situation and knowing the appropriate response
  • Step-by step instruction to performing CPR using proper technique