What is Buyerznet.com?

Buyerznet is a marketplace for the profitable exchange of business opportunities information. Persons or organizations with information about possible opportunities can post that information and if it is deemed to be of value, it may be interested by another interested party. It’s really that simple.

How does Buyerznet work?

There are two ways to be a part of the platform…as a seller or a buyer. Of course, you can be both!

As you go about you business, you may happen to receive information about sales or business leads, someone may be interested in that information. Business organizations can also trade in their business information and earn additional money from doing so. Ordinarily, no money is earned from possessing that information.

To buy leads simply register with us and will be notified as new leads become available. Whrn you register, only brief information is displayed to users. After purchase of  the lead you are interested in, other information such as contact info, details surrounding the lead, timing, potential size, etc will be made available.

What kind of lead will make me money on Buyerznet?

Any useful information will find its way to the right buyer. It is important to be as honest and detailed as possible, but part of the premise of Buyerznet is the old adage, “one person’s trash is another’s treasure.” Example: You may be selling software but you find out your client needs new office space. You can’t sell office space but there are a lot of people out there that do and would find that information valuable. Sell that lead in the Buyerznet marketplace.

How do I get paid?

Once a lead is sold, your portion of the sale (50% of total sales price) will be paid to you.

What do I get when I buy a lead?

Leads contain a description and other relevant  data such as contact details including phone number, title and email as well as company information.

What if a lead I buy is bogus?

If you feel your lead is inaccurate or misrepresented simply submit it for review within the first 72 hours of purchase. If we confirm the data in your lead is inaccurate or misrepresented, you get your money back. We take accuracy of leads very seriously. In addition, everyone who sells or buys a lead can be reviewed by peers in order to encourage good behaviour.

How do I set the price on my lead?

When you register a lead, you will be invited to recommend a minimum price for your lead. Once the lead is posted, buyers will be able to bid on that lead. The lead will be sold to the higher price bidder.

What happens once I sell a lead?

Here’s how the process works; In order to ensure a high level of quality to users, each sold lead is subject to a 72 hour validation period. Once you sell a lead, the buyer is given 72 hours in order to provide appropriate time to validate that the lead was of the quality advertised. After that validation period you will receive payment for your portion of the sale (50% of total sales price) in approximately 5-7 business days from the date of sale.

What needs to be included in a lead?

There are some fields that are required, such as the basic contact information and details about the lead, and some that are optional. The more helpful, relevant and valid the data is, the more the lead is worth. Sometimes you may simply have a “tip” or relevant piece of data, other times you may know of a buyer ready to purchase.