About Us

Buyerznet.com is designed to provide our users with a platform where persons and organizations can sell information concerning business opportunities to buyers who are eager to receive that information in order to complete a sale. This means that sellers are provided with opportunities to monetize a resource that would otherwise be of no value to them. So, for example, if you are a salesperson and you become aware that one of your clients is searching for a contractor to renovate some office space, there may be a contractor somewhere who would be willing to pay for that tip in order to be given a chance to bid for that business. Of course, the information provided must be authentic in order for it to be useful and for someone to be willing to pay for it.

Both buyers and sellers benefit from our network. Leads are the basic building block of business. Some companies spend huge sums of money  to help identify new business opportunities. Buyerznet provides an avenue to help our members identify those sources at a fraction of the normal cost. Sellers of information receive the benefit of establishing a new source of income that would otherwise not be available.

Leads can be traded in a wide range of categories. Some of these categories include: computer sales and supplies; construction supplies and services; consulting services; energy, engineering; health and beauty; home and garden; industrial supplies and services; insurances; printing; real estate; and vehicles.

Buyerznet.com is owned and operated by Technovators Marketing Limited, a company based in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. We operate on the basis of transparency and fair play in our dealings with all of our members. We also encourage our members to do the same when transacting business with each other. Members who do not subscribe to this business code will be banned from our network.

Join our network today and receive the benefits our members enjoy.